Tree Service Long Island

Trees are ultimately what complete the look of your landscape, so make sure they’re of the best quality with JLC Landscape & Tree Services on Long Island. Our staff is fully experienced in all varieties of tree service, including tree trimming on Long Island. Our company stresses the importance of proper maintenance, such as tree nutrition and fertilization specific to Long Island, planting and establishment, pruning, diagnosis and treatment programs, health care, and other service. We have an outstanding understanding of horticulture and tree trimming, so we only use the best quality shrubbery and plants to service your Long Island home and climate zone.

Pruning trees all across Long Island is our specialty, and we recommend trimming your trees regularly to help them maintain their shape. Whenever a landscape is installed, it’s with the utmost care and a tree that is too overgrown can negatively affect the appearance of your front or backyard. We work with ISA certified arborists, so you can be rest assured that you are receiving the best quality service in our work, products, and customer service.

Make sure your trees are in good health.

Long Island Tree Services

Tree Nutrition & Feeding

Depending on your Long Island property and the type of trees you are looking to feed, we have two different methods for our service. The first is a surface root method that saturates all surface feeder roots, while the second is a deep root feeding method that allows for the soil and/or root balls to be aerated because of compaction or clay soils. We recommend either service be performed in the spring, summer or fall.

Tree Trimming & Pruning

Take care of your tree trimming on a regular basis with JLC of Long Island so your trees on your Long Island property can continue to be healthy and beautiful. We specialize in pruning trees by hand, but we can also work with hedge clippers. Our landscapers are experienced in tree trimming Long Island methods for all different species of trees that can be found on Long Island.

In need of tree care on Long Island? Call us at 631-846-9107 for all your tree service and tree care needs. No matter what kind of tree service you need, contact JLC to get it done. Our fast, affordable service is helpful in emergency situations as well as for routine maintenance work.