Landscape Design & Build

Not sure what your home needs to bring some fresh new life into its appearance? Try an innovative landscape design by JLC Landscape & Tree Services on Long Island. A new landscape will rejuvenate you and your family, and also adds overall value to your property.

Landscape Design Possibilities on Long Island


We have a skilled eye for mapping out the colors of your garden, and will help guide you to the best design that is truly stunning.

Green Living

Eco friendly options are always available when possible at JLC, so landscape design is no exception. We’ll design a landscape that’s both beautiful and beneficial to the environment.

Feng Shui

Attain balance in your garden with a tastefully placed feng shui design. Said to harmonize all of Earth’s elements, feng shui can add a tranquil touch to your front or backyard.

Plant Recycling

When building your landscape, we can incorporate recycled materials for a striking look that contributes to the environment.

Distinctive & Unique Landscapes

Your landscape will be eye-catching and completely unique to you, because all of our designs are personally crafted to each customer.

Specialty Gardens

Maybe you prefer urban or tropical gardens despite your current environment. JLC can make your dream garden a reality by catering to the type of garden you desire.

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Design & Build Process

Here at JLC Landscape & Tree Services, we handle every part of all of our projects on Long Island, from the very early stages of landscape design all the way to completion. That’s because we have a varied staff that is prepared to take care of any and all jobs in-between.

Not only will your personal tastes be considered when we create your custom design, but also what your home needs, any kinds of potential conflicts, and what styles would work best for your home. Your Long Island home’s landscape design will become a welcoming sight for you to come home to, plus it will impress and awe any guests you have.

  • Client Interview

    Before we conduct any work on your property, we’ll hold an interview with you to discover your goals and needs for your landscape.

  • Analysis of Your Property

    We’ll examine your landscape once we have established your vision for your property. This is when we’ll begin to determine what to incorporate in our design for you.

  • Design Process

    There are three stages to the design process: a functional diagram, a preliminary design, and the final design. Your input is welcomed at every stage.

  • Implementation

    First, we'll prepare the site and install any retaining walls or other structure. Then, we'll work on adding the plants.

  • Plant Management & Health Care

    The final step is to make sure that your new plants are in impeccable condition and properly cared for. We also recommend our maintenance services.

Our Long Island landscape design has proven to be the best and we always exceed our customers’ expectations when it comes to overall design, craftsmanship, meeting deadlines, superior communication regarding the project, and more. Our design and build teams go above and beyond to bring you a unique, exquisite new look to your home and property.

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