The best thing about JLC Landscape & Tree Services, a premier Long Island landscaping company, is that we can perform any kind of landscape service for you. All of our services are designed to enrich the appearance of your home, and in some cases, protect it.

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We offer a wide variety of Long Island landscaping services. From landscape design to masonry installation and more, there’s nothing in your yard that our Long Island landscaping company can’t create, fix, or improve.

Landscape Design & Build

We’ll guide your entire project from the first design, to implementing it at a pace you choose, to its ultimate completion. A new landscape design on your property can not only give it the life it needs, but also increase curb appeal to anyone else who happens to pass by.


Any kind of masonry design is possible with our Long Island landscaping company. Upgrade the look of your backyard with an extensive patio for your friends and family, or perhaps an elegant walkway for your guests. No matter what kind of masonry work it is, we’ll complete it with high quality work.

Tree Care Services

Trees are one of the most essential components of your landscape, so make sure they’re being cared for properly with our Long Island landscaping company. We perform a full range of tree services, including tree trimming and removal, to keep your home safe and looking great.

Water Features

The sound of water can immediately put you in a tranquil mood, so why not place an attractive waterfall in your backyard? A leisurely stroll through your yard can only be improved by the peaceful sound of running water. Let our Long Island landscaping company install a unique water feature for you, such as a pond, stream, waterfall, pondless waterfall, creek, or fountain.

You’ll experience many benefits when our Long Island landscaping company installs your new water feature for you, such as low maintenance, a one-of-a-kind design for you, and a great way to tie in landscape and hardscape designs.

Landscape Management

Keeping the size of your plants managed is the best way to keep your landscape always looking great and your plants looking healthy. JLC is the ideal choice for pruning your shrubbery, because we’re a Long Island landscaping company that specializes in pruning by hand. However, we are also skilled in using hedge trimmers if needed. We can perform services that will rejuvenate older shrubs as well.

Green Living

We understand how important caring for the environment is, and that’s why we offer a line of services that are eco-friendly.  One of our popular options is green roofs, which last far longer than traditional roofs and are an attractive area for both people and animals to enjoy. We also can install permeable pavers and living walls. These make it easier for rainwater to be safely stored while reducing pollutants. Our Long Island landscaping company can also set you up with harvesting rainwater, which helps reduces bills while reusing this scare natural resource.

Integrated Pest Management

Instead of traditional pesticides, use our IPM system to prevent harm to the environment and keep helpful insects as part of your landscape. This complicated yet valuable process consists of five main parts, which are cultural IPM, biological IPM, genetic IPM, chemical controls, and pest monitoring. The goal of our Long Island landscaping company’s integrated pest management system is to introduce natural enemies to pests in your landscape, as well as reduce the use of chemicals.

Plant Health Care

JLC has the knowledge to handle all different kinds of plants, what seasons they thrive best in, and how to properly maintain and care for them. Every factor from the soil to the surrounding plants and environment can impact the overall health of your carefully designed landscape. Combined with our Integrated Pest Management, our plant health care services are sure to keep your landscape looking healthy for a long time.

Experience the JLC difference today by contacting us regarding any services you would like to have done on your landscape. We’re excited to speak with you regarding the exterior of your home and how our landscaping company on Long Island can make it look its very best.

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